Sesame Workshop puts every effort toward its mission to help kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. During the year of a global pandemic and a national reckoning with racial justice, the organization innovated to meet children’s needs. Production sprang into unconventional ways of working to produce essential content during times of unprecedented challenges. Staying connected to support children and their families was more important than ever.
Hearing first-hand stories of how the Workshop works is a fascinating view into an organization filled with people who are passionate about helping kids, no matter what is going on in the world. With a name that befits the approach—just like in the beginning with Jim Henson’s creative spirit—the Workshop pulls up their sleeves, tinkers with tools, keeps things real and adds sparks of giggles. By delving into a journalist’s mindset, finding the stories of what happens within the Workshop revealed that it will do whatever it takes.
These stories were designed into a package to share with partners and donors, and in tandem, an online version appeals to single donors who may be curious about how to get involved. I collaborated with writing partner, Jake Nassif.
View the entire 2020 Donor Report here.